Becoming a Wedding Photographer in Salamanca is not an easy task. Even harder it is to find your Wedding Photographer in Salamanca. Most important of all is that you feel identified with their work, that is, feeling moved, thrilled, passionate about their work. You need to picture yourselves in those pics, that day, your wedding day and voilá, there you go, you have found your Wedding Photographer.

We are a bunch of Wedding Photographers in Salamanca and many times you cannot tell one style from another. Our shoots are based 90% on being natural, spontaneous moments to be captured. Feelings are to be captured on your wedding day. Your grandma´s tears, your sister´s nerves, your father´s pride, your friends´ game of tossing in a blanket…

Those are the photos you would want to keep and remember the rest of your lives. Those are the photos worth something big.

And the 10% left? We keep it to ourselves. For those scarce 20 minutes you give us to take pictures of you alone. Just married.

With love, complicity, laughs, sweetness or partying. Whatever you want and however you are! But also natural, bringing out the best of you. Breath deep. Enjoy. It will be the only moment of the whole wedding when you will be left alone. Just breath.

Most couples tell us that it wasn´t to be taken so seriously, we made them feel comfortable and that they had a hell of a time during the shoot. So, there is nothing to fear.


We don´t do the magic, it is you that does it!

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